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Cheese / Washed Rind

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    • Lightly washed; mild yet rich creamy, liquid, flavours

      • Abbaye de Citeaux per kg
      • R 1709
      • Mild washed rind cheese. Milk comes from the Montbeliard cows. Abbaye cheese

        • Affidelice au Chablis 200g
        • R 262
        • Cow’s milk cheese matured with chablis and made of unskimmed milk

          • Ami du Chambertin la Cote 250g
          • R 247
          • Salt water/marc brandy washed; smooth and creamy yet penetrating taste

            • Chablis Chalancy 200g
            • R
            • Soft ripered cheese, washed in chablis wine; full bodied aromatic flavours

                • Epoisses Berthaut 250g
                • R 385
                • Marc-washed, strong aromas & flavours, softly textured

                  • Epoisses Chalancey AOC 250g
                  • R 321
                  • Hand ladled cheese. Washed in burgundy brandy, full-bodied and intensive flavours

                    • Epoisses Tradition AOC 250g
                    • R 310
                    • Hand ladled cheese. Light styled when young, intense flavours

                      • Epoisses Tradition Bon du Fromage AOP 250g
                      • R 310
                        • Langres Scherten Emballe 180g (new)
                        • R 164
                        • Langres is a washed rind cow’s milk cheese, washed in Bourgogne brandy and comes from Champagne- Ardenne region.  This cheese usually get sold on the markets.

                          • Mirabella 200g (new)
                          • R 165
                          • Washed rind cow’s milk cheese that comes from the Lorraine region.  This cheese is made by die monks

                            • Munster Fischer AOC 125g
                            • R 106
                            • Firm aromas, fine texture, sticky, spicy, sweetish milky pate

                              • Petit Livarot AOP 250g
                              • R 243
                              • Medium strength; moist very firm pate, spicy finish

                                • Pont l’Eveque Graindorge AOP 220g
                                • R 213
                                • Smooth with lingering trace of savoury & sweet flavours

                                  • Reblochon Fermier Savoie AOC 500g
                                  • R 460
                                  • Semi-hard cheese, matured 3 weeks in humid cellars, hazelnut flavours

                                      • St. Nectaire Fermier AOC per kg
                                      • R 911
                                      • The texture is silky; with heavy flavours on the tongue. With slightly acidity

                                        • Taleggio 200g
                                        • R 166
                                        • Taleggio is a semisoft, washed-rind, smear ripened Italian cheese.  The cheese have a thin crust and strong aromas with a unusual fruity tang

                                          • Vacherin Mont D’Or 360g
                                          • R 410
                                          • Summer milk, enriched by spruce band, au lait cru