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Cheese / Bloomy Rind / Natural Rind

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    • Brie de Meaux Donge Wheel per kg
    • R 749
    • Complex aromas/flavours of smoke, mushrooms & sweetish sherry

      • Brie de Meaux Fermier Rothschild per kg
      • R 946
      • On of the original Brie de Meaux left. The cheese ripens in humid cellars.  During the ripening process its white rind turns brown and develops small red spots.  Very aromatic, rich and smooth.


        • Brie Mon Sire wheel per kg
        • R 446
        • Similar flavours to the Brie de Meaux, but less pronounced with denser texture, higher fat content, (slightly enriched with cream)

          • Camembert AOC Fermier Bio 250g
          • R 257
          • Fragrant aromas, earthy to nutty taste, Nordandie au lait cru

            • Camembert Bio Marie Harel 150g
            • R 157
              • Camembert du Bocage 250g
              • R 175
              • Soft ripened cheese made of raw milk, creamy, full bodied and rustic

                • Camembert Marie Harel AOP 250g
                • R 214
                • Marie Harel was the founder of Camembert in Normandy

                    • Chaource Lincet AOC 250g
                    • R 187
                    • Mild with loose rind, complex supple pate, piquant

                      • Coulommier Vieux Porche 320g
                      • R 138
                      • Similar to brie, ripens easier, sweet, sour taste

                        • Coulommiers Graindorge 350g
                        • R 323
                        • Similar to brie, ripens easier, sweet, sour taste

                          • Galet de La Loire 260g (new)
                          • R 191
                          • It is a pasteurized cow’s milk cheese from the Loire Valley.  This soft cheese is a unique shape, similar to the pebbles bordering the banks of the Loire river

                            • Le Brin 150g (new)
                            • R 150
                            • Le Brin comes from Savoie, the Rhone-Alps region in France.  It is a mild cheese

                              • Pave d’Affinois 200g
                              • R 179
                              • Cream en-riched cheese with a natural rind

                                • Petit Brie Marie Harel wheel per kg
                                • R 836
                                • Soft Brie with a white mould. Made from raw cows milk. Creamy and rustic taste

                                      • Pie d’Angloy 200g
                                      • R 164
                                      • Natural rind, mild tasting, hint of nuttiness

                                        • St Marcellin Xavier David Gres 80g
                                        • R 107
                                        • Round shape, light lactic flavour. Get better when Matur