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Cheese / Blue

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    • Blue d’Auvergne 125g
    • R 52
    • Cows milk, blue mold spice blends with integrated salt

      • Roquefort Societe 125g
      • R 98
      • Sheeps milk, clean forceful rich flavours of salt & spices

        • Roquefort Coccinellel Aoc
        • R 330
        • Sheeps milk, clean forceful rich flavours of salt and spices

          • Xavier David Fourme de Ambert
          • R 370
          • This fine blue cheese with its non-crumbly texture is very delicate on the palate with a unique mildness and creaminess

            • Fourme d’Ambert per KG
            • R 413
            • Cows milk; dry rind; light cellar aromas, creamy yet firm complex tasting pate

              • Rocbleu Laqueville 550g per KG
              • R 458
              • Firm yet creamy-blue mouthfeel; mildly spicy (unlike blue), ash-rind

                • Bleu des Causses
                • R 480
                • Cows milk cheese – like a Stilton, not to salty; served with sweet wine

                  • Fromages Blue per KG
                  • R 542
                  • Soft creamy blue cheese. Very light in favour en very creamy.

                    • Montbriac per KG
                    • R 576
                    • Soft light blue cheese covered with vegetable ash. Also known as a blue Reblochon.

                      • Xavier David Roquefort per KG
                      • R 672
                      • The Penicillium Roquerforti stain, which gives the cheese an unique texture and flavour, belongs exclusively to Xavier David AOP Roquefort. The cheese is creamy with buttery and salty flavours

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