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Landau du Val Semillon

Arguably the oldest South African vineyard still in production is to be found on La Brie farm, Franschhoek. (Not to be confused with La Bri Estate, on the other side the river.) The wine from this Semillon vineyard, planted in 1905, is bottled under Landau du Val label. Traditional Franschhoek Semillon`s only really start showing after about 3 years of harvest and some are still drinking beautifully after 15 years.

The Landau vintages, with about 20 bottled so far, show some variance but that has mainly been due to the numerous winemakers used over the years, as to employ a resident winemaker just to handle 9 tons of grapes doesn’t make sense. But the current 2017 is what you should be drinking – textured fruit, underlying acidity and length –  a bargain at R155 for a wine from this historic vineyard.

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